INA Rijeka Refinery

Rijeka oil refinery is a refinery with a relatively deep conversion for the production of liquid hydrocarbon fuels. The nominal capacity of the plant is 4,500,000 t of crude oil / year, and it annually processes slightly more than 2.0 mil / t of crude oil. The main commercial products of the Refinery are gasoline and diesel fuel, and fuel oil. Atmospheric distillation, catalytic reforming and catalytic cracking (FCC) plants also produce C3 and C4 hydrocarbon fractions, which are liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and refineries also produce fuels for jet engines from the petroleum fraction.

ENERGY SERVICE participated as a part of team for the project:

Efficiency improvement of process furnaces in INA Rijeka Refinery327-H-003 (CO boiler)

Complete reconstruction of the process furnace which included:complete replacement of the burners, implementation of the burner control system (BMS) to the existing control and safety instrumentation system, replacement of the burner ramp, replacement and installation of part of the metering and control equipment, replacement of the FGR fan, replacement of the FD fan, installation of the combustion optimization system (TDLS), replacing pressure parts sections inside the boiler housing, replacing the refractory insulation in the restoration work zones, reconstructing the flapper and the outlet flue duct and connecting it to the existing FCC control and command system.

LOCATIONCroatia, Rijeka
InvestorINA d.d.
ClientIDS Industrieservice und Anlagenbau GmbH Germany
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