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We Will Satisfy You With Our Expertise In A Top Tier Construction World

We Will Satisfy You With Our Expertise In A Top Tier Construction World


Independently and together with experienced engineering companies as our partners, we are able to provide the planning of small-scale conversions and new construction.

We collaborate with partners in finding technical solutions and skilled menpower for designing, planning, installing, and maintaining plant systems, facilities, and equipment. We may perform maintenance and repairs or be responsible for managerial duties.

We have been working in plant engineering, all kind of pipeline construction/maintenance on the national and international market.

Our scope of services covers laying and welding of pipes in the areas of High Pressure, Medium Pressure, and Low Pressure Systems, and steel structures as well.

Project management

You have decided to carry out less demanding or complex projects, and you are not sure what steps to take, how long it takes, what manpower resources and how much resources you need to turn your idea into action?

We have knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques for all activities to meet the project requirements, and most importantly - we can give You answers to the most important questions:

What work must be accomplished
What deliverables must be generated and reviewed
Who must be involved
How to control and approve each phase
We will provide a systematic, timely, and controlled process that benefits all project’s stakeholders

Welding Services

We have trained welders for a wide variety of materials in the industry so that we can produce weld repairs according to the specific design code.

All welding related activities on HP systems are done according to the specific WPS derived from the WPQR for the specified material.

We also provide welding and weld related repairs on other areas of plants, which includes but is not limited to, welding of connecting boiler pipelines, high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure pipelines, welding of membrane walls and non-pressure parts such as pipe supports and chambers, welding of protection on pressure pipelines and general manufacturing for any requirement that the client might have.

Our welding services are backed up by a qualified Welding Engineers and Welding Technologists to ensure the highest possible standard for our welders and welder qualifications.

Our highly qualified and competent employees (including mirror welders) allows us to meet labour-intensive requirements and perform unscheduled tasks quickly and to the complete satisfaction of our customers at short notice and with an welding repair rate of < 1%.


Our highly qualified 'isometric' pipefitters together with the qualified locksmiths provide specific design and repair processes and procedures to ensure that work is executed at the highest possible standard, according to the design code.

Our operatives are trained and certified to a high standard in the use of any tooling or equipment to current international regulations and legislation.

Excellent knowledge of isometric drawings and coping in space make our team independent and in the most demanding tasks. Based on our experience, we are able to offer the client additional solutions and modofication of the original documentation in case of need.

Overhead lines and conductors, thermal imaginig

We have many years of experience in the preparation and management of projects for the implementation of new technologies of high-temperature conductors for overhead transmission lines. Increasing transmission power, reducing transmission losses and improving the aspect of safety heights and distances compared to classic overhead conductors is the key to the modern age of overhead lines.

Energy Service in cooperation with the partner company Bedrock d.o.o. is able to offer its customers modern high-tech solutions using the latest generation of temperature conductors type ACFR (Aluminum conductor fiber reinforced)

ACFR conductors are the most reliable conductors on the market, designed by the Japanese company TOKYO ROPE INTERNACIONAL Inc.

Using ACFR conductors is the most efficient way to solve problems in any electricity transmission and distribution system. See more about the benefits of the ACFR conductors at www.bedrock.hr

In addition to the above Energy service provides thermal imaging inspection and thermal imaging testing of overhead lines of all voltage levels as well as key components of substations. Our experts in the field of thermal imaging are certified as certified thermographers with international certification, trained at the international training center for IR thermal imaging in Stockholm, Sweden.


ENERGY SERVICE is growing engineering and mechanical company with strong focus on project development and execution of electric and mechanical projects in Power and Oil&Gas sector.
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