Medupi power station – Lephalale South Africa

Medupi Supercritical Thermal Power Plant is a coal-fired thermal power plant located in the northern part of South Africa. It consists of six production units, with an installed capacity of 800 MW each. The total production of this thermal power plant is 4800 MW, which makes it the largest coal-fired power plant in the southern hemisphere and the largest dry-cooled power plant in the world. The contracts for the construction of boilers and turbines for the Medupi thermal power plant are the largest contracts Eskom has ever signed in its 90-year history. The planned operating life of the power plant is 50 years. The primary contractor is Hitachi Power Africa, while Alstom has provided steam turbines. ENERGY SERVICE participated in this venture with pipe installation, quality control and welding activities for all six production units

LOCATION South Africa, Limpopo Province, Lephalale 
Investor ESKOM Holding South Africa 
Client IDSIndustryservice and Plant Construction South Africa 
Scope of services Erection and Welding of: Connecting Tubes, Membrane Walls, Heating Surfaces Pipes (HP, IP and LP), Components, Including quality control and documentation 


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